Terms & Conditions – Updated for 2024

My basic requirements include transportation, meals, lodging, and hourly class fees with minimums. I work with a few different teaching partners, each with similar requirements, and you would need to contact them directly (I can help put you in touch). Please read below for further details and answers to the most frequently asked questions. I understand sometimes flights to certain places cannot be booked on my preferred airline, or perhaps none of my regular partners are available for a specific gig, or any number of small inconveniences (your event is in a lower economic country or is for a good cause). In such an instance, please do not hesitate to email with any questions or concerns, and I’m sure we will find a way to make it work. Please note that all monetary values below are quoted in Euros. This may seem very detailed, however I find it helps answer many of your questions ahead of time 🙂

  • Rates/Fees
            • Minimums: *If you would like my attendance early/late for parties or special activities then that will add to the event days

              • 2/2.5 day event: €1400, with a  maximum 8 hours of classes (ex arrive Friday night and depart Sunday night/Monday morning with classes only Sat/Sun, or arrive Friday morning and depart Sunday night/Monday morning with classes Fri evening/Sat/Sun)
              • 3 day event: €1700  with a  maximum 11 hours of classes (ex arrive Thursday evening and depart Sunday night/Monday morning with classes Fri/Sat/Sun)
              • 4/5 day event: €1900  with a  maximum 14 hours of classes (ex arrive Wednesday evening and depart Sunday night/Monday morning with classes Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun)
              • 6/7 day event: €2250 with a  maximum 16 hours of classes (ex arrive Thursday night and depart Wednesday morning or arrive Thursday night and depart Thursday morning)
              • If the number of classes during the event will not meet the minimum, then you can offset that with judging, performing, mcing etc
            • Additional Group Classes:  For any additional classes beyond what is included in the minimum, they will be charged at an hourly rate. €140 hourly when teaching with an experienced/preferred partner (this does not include my partner’s rate). €175/hour when teaching solo or with a less experienced partner. I have a maximum of 6 hours of class per day, however I typically recommend no more than 4 to reflect rest needed for students and teachers.
            • Private Lessons: €70/30mins by myself, for up to 2 people. For each additional person, add €15. Max 4 people. With a teaching partner, rates vary. I recommend 15-30 minute lessons due to “brain space” of the student
            • Presentations/Panel Discussions:  If I am doing a presentation by myself, that will fall under my Group Class rate. If I am moderating a group/panel, that will also fall under the group class rate. If I am solely participating in a panel, that will be at a rate of €100/hr.
            • Performances: I will participate in 1 teachers social jam and 1 instructor social demo free of charge. Anything additional (performances, full shows, etc) would need to be discussed and additionally charged. Dancing as a Pro in a Pro-Am will fall under the category of judging.
            • Judging: €100/hour. Judging rates are also based on an hourly rate since every event and format is different, it is the best way to be consistent. After discussing formats/times we can formulate an expectation (most common is 15 min- 30 mins for basic formats).
            • Competitions: Tabulations and contest coordination prices are dependent on the type and format, please inquire for pricing
            • DJing: €50/hour. Please notify me ahead of time if you would like me to DJ. Remember, the more I DJ, the less I am able to dance with your students. This is not included in my weekend minimum
            • MCing: Please inquire as prices vary dependent on the event schedule
            • Level Testing/Auditions: 30 minutes format included in weekend minumum. Anything longer or that requires preparing material or teaching is €140/hour
            • Video Notebooks: €50 flat fee for recording video notebooks. I should also receive a copy of these. Please note, that I never charge for any students/promoters to record recaps at the end of classes (if I choose to do so and if permissible by the event, and intended for personal use); this is only applicable to video notebooks created with the intent of being sold.
            • Payment: I prefer to be paid in cash or bank transfer. If paid in any currency other than Euro or USD, or via any other method (bank transfer outside zone, PayPal, Transferwise), the organizer is responsible for any conversion/service fees that are incurred.
            • Downtime: PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL ENERGY – I require at least 10 hours between my last responsibility of one day and my first responsibility of the next day (whether that be teaching, judging, DJing, or performing) to guarantee I have adequate time for rest and recovery. Travel time between venue and housing is not included in this downtime. Swing/Blues is a dance(s), a culture, a community, and an expressive art form. Bringing me to your event means I will be active as a teacher, social dancer, and an all-around friendly person. Because each of these acts requires some physical and emotional effort — I request that any non-work/non-public time (transportation time, time at home, time at meals), be respected as downtime. While I may be happy to share conversations with students and staff, trust that my choice to be either social (or reserved) is based on what’s best for your event and its attendees. Note: All people have unique and valid preferences on guest-host dynamics, hospitality, and socializing at events. This clause is here to simply contextualize actions within the overall framework of the weekend activities and events occurring before or after the weekend.
            • Transportation: Unless otherwise noted, my flights should be booked to/from my home city Vienna, Austria – on United/Star Alliance partners. (Bratislava is an alternate option, though has limited flight options) I must approve any itinerary before it is booked. My FF# is (Mileage Plus) URU79660  and must be added. The organizer is also responsible for transportation to/from the airport and any extra baggage fees.
            • Meals: Meals should be provided for the duration of the event, travel time (I will provide receipts), and any extra time I am required to be in attendance (e.g. if I must arrive or leave on specific days, including on shared itineraries). I do not eat mayo/mustard/sour cream/coriander and do not handle super spicy foods well. If you choose to provide a stipend instead, the rate is €15 for breakfast, €15 for lunch, and €25 for dinner. This allows adequate coverage of meal/beverage/tip.
            • Lodging: I need an actual bed to myself (not an air mattress, couch, etc.) I need access to electricity, toilet and a shower that is not shared with more than 4 other people. Preferably in a private room (one with doors that close). I am always okay sharing a room with any of my teaching partners. Other roommate arrangements are fine if I know them and approve beforehand.
            • Promotional Material: Please feel free to use any promotional material from my website (videos, pictures, bio). My name to be used on all public material is Jenna Applegarth, and should be tagged as such on social media platforms.
            • Teaching Partners: Teaching with different people requires different amounts of prep, planning, and execution – which is why I have variable teaching rates. I teach as a follower, leader and solo.
              My primary teaching partner is:
              Nejc Zupan – Lindy, Bal, Slow, Shag

              I also greatly enjoy teaching with:
              Peter Kertz – Bal, Lindy, Slow
              Christian Frommelt – Lindy, Slow, Shag
              Shani Brown – Bal, Lindy, Shag
              Dara Anderbard – Blues, Slow
              Additional preferred teaching partners are available. If you would like the names of additional partners, please inquire.

            • Cancellation: After we have confirmed I will be working your event, those dates are then blacked out for me. Any other possible gigs that come my way and conflict will be turned down in the good faith that you will not be canceling our agreement. Therefore, in the event that you must cancel, I will have a cancellation fee to protect myself from any lost opportunities. I will allow one month from the date we confirm I will be working your event before I enforce this policy (NOT the date of your event, the date we reach an agreement that I will be working it). If you cancel 60 plus days prior to the festival 50%; 45-15 days 75%, within 14 days 100%. Additionally, if travel is shared with other festivals, you must still pay your agreed-upon portion.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I have a difficult time dancing in low light and flashing light rooms which causes dizziness and headaches, so please understand I will not be able to dance as much in these environments. Additionally, venues that allow smoking inside/near the dance floor will make it more difficult for me to breathe, which also may affect the amount of dancing I can do. If there is time that I am required to be at a venue when I am not teaching/judging etc, but is considered my downtime – I must have either a way to go rest or compensation for that time at my hourly rate. As someone who holds very strong beliefs about the comfort and safety of attendees, as well the inclusion/acceptance of race/gender/sexual orientation/religion I think it is very important that the people teaching at an event represent those values. I cannot agree to teach at an event where Jamin Jackson, Steven Mitchell, Max Pitruzella, Chris Harm, Ryan Francois, Ksenia Parkhatskaya or William Mauvais, are involved. Additionally, If you do not yet have a Code of Conduct, I am happy to help you develop one.

Lindy hop (and various Swing and Blues dances, as well as their music) comes from Black African American culture and requires respect towards its cultural origins and individual originators. If your event features a name/brand, band, or public-facing prominent individual (such as an emcee or teacher) who demonstrates disrespect or disregard towards African-American culture/history or African-American people as a group — I retain the right to voice concerns and open a discussion about the implications of such actions until the matter is resolved. In all efforts, I seek to be respectful to all parties. I know these conversations are often difficult and sensitive, and my goals are always to understand and educate.

While I understand that events often require a bounty of disposable products (water bottles, plastic cups, plastic utensils, disposable dishware/cookware, etc), I travels with a water bottle and reusable flatware. No additional plastic wear needs to be purchased on my behalf – including event-branded water bottles. I recognize the care and kindness these things can represent and ask that you express those in other ways. If for some reason I lose or forget my items, I will happily borrow a mug or bottle from a local dancer.

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