Great news!

You can now bring me (and Jon) home with you to help you learn Swing Dances! I am super excited to announce these easy, at home learning options.

Option 1) Check out my Patreon page for a choose-your-own-adventure style learning experience. From class recaps, to practice bloopers, teacher demos and more, you can find the option that works best for you!

Option 2) Full series instruction videos featuring Jenna and Jon Tigert. Check out the options below for full video options purchased from Jon.


Available NOW:

Intro to Lindy Hop: Series A (6ct) $75

Intro to Lindy Hop: Series B (8ct) $75

Intro to St Louis Shag: Series A $75

Coming Soon:

Intro to Pure Balboa

Intro to Bal-Swing


Multiple Videos:

Combo Videos



These videos are intended for personal use. They are designed for you to watch them, and break them down on your own. Make sure to pay attention to the words we use, body movements, rhythms, shapes and any other details you can find. You can rewind, slow motion etc. Take your learning into your own hands. But also, if you ever have any questions or need clarifications, you can message our Jon and Jenna FB page.

1) How do I access the videos?
All of our course videos will be accessed through Google Drive. You will receive access through the email address attached to your Paypal account. If you use a different email to access Google Drive, please provide that in the notes section. And, if you do not have a Google Account, you can sign up for one, for free.

2) Is there a start date or required timelines?
Nope! When you start and how and when you practice is up to YOU. But do remember, you will only have access to the videos for 60 days, so you will want to do it during that time!

3) Do I need a partner?
A partner is not required. There is a lot you can gain from working shapes on your own, understanding your own movements, rhythms and ideas. BUT, this is a PARTNERED social dance, so eventually, yes you will need someone to practice with.

4) How long until I have access?
It normally takes 1-3 days to be added and have access after you have paid. However, on rare occasions it may take a couple more days due to sickness or travel in a country that doesn’t allow access to Google and Paypal.

5) Can I share this with my partner or practice group?
Many of you out there work with a partner or practice group (which are GREAT ideas!) We have no problem with you viewing the material together with a partner, but using it as a group activity gets a bit different. We would much prefer you contact Jenna directly to ask about how best to use the videos for practice groups, teacher trainings, etc. They just aren’t formatted for that, AND that is a lot of people sharing a product for free that we have worked very hard on. (Seriously, do you know how annoying Imovies is?!) Please don’t make copies, upload to the interwebs, share with large groups etc. This is for YOU.