Hepcats Dance Shoes Review

I purchased 2 pairs of Hepcats dance shoes last weekend and had promised to provide feedback and information for those of you who are interested!

Overall I like them and would recommend them, alongside Saint Savoy and Slide&Swing. Below is some detailed information on fit and designs, etc.

Each leather color fits a bit different because the textures of them are different. The silver and gold are the softest with the most stretch (could feel a difference just with trying them on for extended times). The green were the “strongest” leather with least give, with mulled wine being very similar. The blue were a bit softer still, but not as much as gold/silver.

I purchased a pair of the Blue Frontlines and Gold Jewels. I liked the design of the Frontlines much more in person and on my feet than I did from the photos. I am in love with the mulled wine color, but did purchase based on the fit.

I bought both pairs in 37, which is a size down than my normal size. The 38’s were far too long, they fit almost identical to a Saint Savoy or Slide&Swing 39. And the 37 were in length about the same as both SS’s 38. But, the toe box on the HC are MUCH roomier, and the leather did have a better stretch to them
than Savoy’s, but the leather is not as soft as Slide’s

They are still a bit too tight, but am hoping they will get even softer and roomier with a couple more wears. The Frontlines fit a bit roomer than the Jewels. I could only choose the gold in the Jewel because it was the only color to provide enough give to be able to *hopefully* make them fit. The Frontline I could only do silver or blue. So again, the sizing isn’t quite ideal, but overall I am pleased so far.

They seem to be made with attention to the types of leather and other construction material. They are leather/textile combos on the uppers, so some stretch but not to the point of an entire half size. Heel caps are plastic, but do come with a replacement. Soles are a brushed leather.

I wore the Blue ones ALL night, and they were super stable and comfortable. I could feel them forming to my feet as the night went along. They were very stable, and felt more like dancing in flats than heels. My feet felt fine at the end of the night and no blisters. I like the heel placement and never felt I was being pushed off balance.

Other Thoughts:
Well made, comfortable shoe with decent designs. I wish sizing was a bit better for my feet, but I am sure they will fit many people perfectly. I am excited to see what designs and colors they bring to the future. Heel design is also a bit bulkier than my preference but nicely balanced so I am happy with that. They are super close to hitting the mark (sizing/design/weight dispersement) and we keep my eyes out for how they develop!