St Louis Shag Intensive
June 12-19 2020

What: A week long small group learning experience focused on St Louis Shag. We will be using an open learning environment that is collaborative and non-competitive. It will focus on feedback, evaluation and student interaction. This is a chance to spend dedicated time with instructors as well as work in a progressive and constructive learning process. Limited to 30 participants.

Location: A small beautiful island in Croatia

Guides: Christian Frommelt, Jenna Applegarth, Jenny Shirar, and Jon Tigert

The overall structure of the week is
* Breakfast
*Two hours session
*Lunch break/free time
*Two hours session
*Dinner break
*Movie clips/discussions/etc
*Social dancing

Application: Because this camp has a limited number of spaces available, we will be using an application process to determine attendees. Applications will open in November. Application deadline is December 15. Accepted applicants will be notified beginning Jan 1. Applications are reviewed by committee. Applicants are selected based on what we feel would make the most cohesive learning environment based overall application criteria.

Costs: Our week is broken into 2 payment groups. 1 is to cover lodging, food and your transportation from the mainland and back. The other covers the costs of the scheduled activities during the week. All fees are NONREFUNDABLE due to the limited space/structure of our week and booking policies of the venue.
Event fee – €500
Lodging/Transport fee – €500
1st payment due within 14 days of acceptance (event fee) remaining fees due March 1.